20 Beautiful, Reusable Items, Under $20.

The thought of committing to a sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming for a lot of people. For me it conjured up thoughts of purging all plastic from my home and spending a fortune on  practical, but plain (read boring) reusable items. I thought, it’s a nice idea in theory, but it’s not for me. I’ll leave saving the planet for the hippy, crunchy granola types.

Now, several years and a couple of kids later, I’ve realised sustainability is for everybody. When I need to replace something, I’ve started to look more often at sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly retailers.

While there are a lot of good value (but expensive) ‘green’ products available, there are also plenty of beautiful, budget friendly options out there.

To show that making a sustainable change doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive mission, I have complied a list of twenty beautiful, reusable items, under $20.

(I would also like to note that there is no need to purge anything from your home. Reuse, reuse, reuse! Unless, of course you’re getting really into minimalism. Or have serious concerns about plastic toxins, but those are subjects for another time).

20 Beautiful, Reusable Items, Under $20

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In the Kitchen:

So, I learnt something new today. The average, single use tea bag contains plastic (polypropylene) and is not completely biodegradable.

Skip the tea bags in favour of an infuser, like this beautiful heart shaped infuser by Mama Body Tea.

Tea infuser

Heart Infuser by Mama Body Tea: $10.95



This hand-made food cover, in leaf print, is a super pretty alternative to single use plastic wrap.  Ethically sourced, PVC Free, Phthalate Free & BPA Free.


Food Cover Medium Leaf by 4 My Earth: $11.95



This Veggie Brush, by Go Bamboo, is made with a bamboo handle and bass fibre bristles. It is packaged with a recycled cardboard swing tag, attached with a jute string, making it zero-waste and plastic-free. It also looks super cute.


Veggie Brush by Go Bamboo: $9.95



If you enjoy a bit of whimsy in your kitchen, you’ll love these adorable, printed Swedish Dish Sponges. Made from super absorbent plant fibre, they are reusable and compostable.


eco friendly dish washing

Swedish Dish Sponge Cloth – $7.95


On the Go:


A beautiful way to keep your snacks fresh. Lead free, BPA and phthalate free, this reusable food pouch also doubles as a place mat.

Reusable food bags wraps pouch

Small Baggie, Bloom by Keep Leaf – $12.95



With gorgeous colours and typography, Onya’s Reusable Bread Bags are the perfect accessory for your next rip to the baker. Made from recycled plastic drink bottles and designed with handy roll and clip closure.


Onya reusable bag

Reusable Bread Bag, Charcoal by Onya: $19.95



This Pineapple Shopping Bag by LOQI is bold and beautiful. Chemical free, durable, water-resistant and washable; you’ll want to use this bag again and again and again…

LOQI reusable bag

Shopping Bag, Pineapples by LOQI: $13.50



Keep plastic straws out of landfill and out of the ocean by choosing reusable. The perfect solution? This On-the-go straw, brush and bag kit, in pretty rose gold.


reusable straw brush ever eco

On-the-go Straw and Cleaner, Rose gold – 1 pack by Ever Eco – $9.95


“Going Green” is the new black with this stylish bamboo cutlery set in black pouch. Pop it in your bag and never use nasty, flimsy plastic cutlery again.


Reusable cutlery bamboo

‘Choose To Reuse’ Bamboo Cutlery Set with Pouch, Black by ReChuable – $9.95



No list of reusable items would be complete without a Keep Cup. The original edition comes in 2 sizes and is made from  BPA and BPS-free Tritan, LDPE (low-density Polyethylene) and Silicone.

keep cup reusable coffee

Coffee Cup – Original Edition, Ozone by Keep Cup – From $16.00 to $18.00.


Self Care:

So many wooden brushes are treated with chemicals. This Bean Nail Brush, by Bodecare, is not only toxin free, it looks stylish too.

Nail brush

Bean Nail Brush by Bodecare: $9.95


This cute alternative to a plain pumice stone is hand-made from recycled timber and uses a 100% pumice stone. It also has a 20cm handle for those hard to reach spots.

pumice stone callous removal fair trade

Pumice Spa Brush (Long) by Bodecare – $19.50



Get one step closer to zero waste with this handkerchief in sweet briar print. Made in Australia with organic cotton.

organic cotton handkerchief tissue kleenex alternative

Organic Cotton Handkerchief, Sweet Briar – $11.95.



Interested in making your own natural skin care products. Check out Biome’s range of DIY Skin Care Ingredients.  


diy skin care natural lava clay

Moroccan Lava Clay in Glass Jar – $13.95



For Little Ones:


How adorable is this kid’s dinosaur toothbrush from Jack N Jill? Stop sending plastic toothbrushes to landfill with this biodegradable alternative.

kids toothbrush eco friendly

Dino Bio Toothbrush by Jack N Jill – $5.95


These cute, non-toxic crayons are made from soy wax and coloured with mineral pigment. The interesting rock shape encourages tripod grip and development of fine motor skills. (Note: possible choking hazard for younger children).

Crayon Rocks, Muslin Bag, 8 colours – $9.95


What kid doesn’t love imaginative play with dinosaurs? This wooden T-Rex is made from sustainable bamboo and painted with water-based paints.

wooden toy bamboo dinosaur

Bamboo T-Rex by Everearth – $17.95

Gifts and Garden:


This eco-friendly alternative to the traditional greeting card has more than one use. Gorgeous Sow’n’Sow cards are made from recycled paper. Each card contains seeds, sowing instructions and a recyclable plastic plant label.


Sustainable gift card gardening gifts

Gift Card with Seeds, Bug Wonderland by Sow’n’Sow – $9.95


This stylish, black ballpoint pen is made from sustainable bamboo. It can be filled with any standard ink cartridge, saving multiple plastic pen cases from landfill.

Refillable pen

Refillable Bamboo Pen – $9.90


Sweet and cheerful. Sow these Johnny Jump Up Viola seeds to encourage pollinators to your veggie patch. The flowers are also edible, so perfect for decorating those Instagram worthy dishes. 


heirloom seeds violas edible flowers

Viola Johnny Jump Up by Heirloom Seeds – $5.00



So there you go.

Reusable is beautiful, and can also be friendly on the hip pocket too.

Didn’t see what you needed in this list? Head over to the Eco-friendly Mall and check out what some of Australia’s best eco-friendly retailers have on offer.


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