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20 Beautiful, Reusable Items, Under $20.

20 Beautiful, Reusable Items, Under $20. The thought of committing to a sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming for a lot of people. For me it conjured up thoughts of purging all plastic from my home and spending a fortune on  practical, but plain (read boring)...

Reusable Bags: A Quick Guide

  Confused about the different types of reusable bags? Read on.   *The countdown is on. On July 1st 2018, light-weight single use plastic bags will no longer be available from checkouts in Western Australia.* This post contains affiliate links. Please see my...

Can One Person Make A Difference?

  Do you ever worry about the environment?   Do you ever think about what kind of world we're leaving for the next generation?   Do you ever ponder global warming/microplastics/destruction of the rain forest?   I'm guessing most people would answer...

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