Be A Food Waste Warrior!

Join us now in the Green Themes Facebook Group.

Team up with other positive, awesome humans going green at home.

Because making sustainable change with friends is just more fun (it’s also free and I’ll send you a cool meal planning resource to help you get started).


Still wondering, “Is food waste really that big of a deal?” Take a minute to watch the video below…

Ready to stop wasting money and food?

Still scrolling huh?

Well, let me introduce myself. I’m Jo Fitz, content creator for the website Any Green Thing.

I created the Green Themes Facebook Group after becoming a bit disheartened with the negativity and lifestyle shaming going on in other groups. I wanted to create a positive space, where being eco-conscious is also fun, and following a theme along with friends can help achieve real, sustainable change.

Are you ready to join the group?

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