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Basic Soap Making Kit

Basic soap making kit: Make your own soap at home. It’s fun and easy to make petrochemical free, vegan friendly soap with this DIY kit.

Kit contains:

Instruction Booklet
1 kg Coconut Oil
1 kg Sustainable Palm Oil
50 gm Shea Butter
2 x Speciality Oils
2 x Essential Oils

(Does not include soap moulds. More kit options and soap moulds available on the Green Living Australia website if required.)

Please Note :- There are some ingredients and some equipment not included in the kits that you will need. These are either common in many kitchens, such as thermometers and olive oil, or not permitted in the post, like caustic soda, but these are all available at your local supermarket.



Sustainability Summary

DIY Kits: You may be wondering why I have included kits on my website, as they will contain some plastic packaging.

A few reasons:

1. Making your own cosmetics means you know exactly what’s in it. Not only can avoid putting toxins and potential allergens on your skin, you avoid washing them down the drain and leaching into the environment.

2. This kit makes approximately 100 bars of soap, significantly reducing the amount of packaging, compared to buying supermarket soap. 

3. Being able to make multiple products from one kit decreases emissions that would be involved in the transport of multiple products.

4. Green Living Australia is actively working with packaging services to find better, more environmentally friendly  options to package their products. I think that deserves our support. Find out more here.


Green Living Australia is an Australian owned and operated company located south of Brisbane. The business evolved from a need to create home-made, preservative free, additive free foods, and chemical free body products to combat the ever increasing food allergy and chemical sensitivity within our society. From this, Green Living Australia has built a strong community, providing pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings and to make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable!

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