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JOCO Glass Coffee Cup

JOCO coffee cups are designed to be eco-friendly as well as enhancing your beverage drinking experience.

Made from high quality, non-porous, borosilicate glass, they’re toxin free, lightweight and super durable.



Sustainability Summary

Glass: Made from abundant natural materials, such as sand and cullet (glass waste). Can be recycled over and over without losing integrity. Inert, will not leach toxins into food products or the environment.

Silicone:  Food grade silicone is considered a safer option than plastic when it comes to food and drink. It is produced from silica (found in sand) rather than being petroleum-based.  Silicone can endures extreme fluctuations in temperature without melting or degrading making it a more durable, longer lasting option than plastic. 

At the end of it’s life: These cups are made for borosilicate glass, making them more durable and resistant to thermal change than regular glass. Borosilicate glass can be recycled into new materials made from borosilicate glass. Please check with your local council to see if they accept broken or borosilicate glass with your curbside recycling. 

It may be difficult to find silicone recycling near you. Check with manufacturer or place of purchase to see if they take back their silicone products for recycling. (If you know of a silicone recycling centre in Australia please get in contact.)

JOCO sells individual replacement parts if required, allowing you to extend the life of your product. 

Remember: If your council doesn’t collect it, that doesn’t mean something can’t be recycled. Check out Terracycle, Planet Ark and your local recycling page on Facebook for more options.



Whether you’re shopping with us or reading our blog, you’re part of a global driving force for a better future, showing the next generation and our planet some next-level kindness.

We’re realists. We know it’s hard to do it all. And we know it’s not realistic to switch to toxin-free and eco-friendly options overnight. But even the tiniest change – when made as a Collective – can result in a huge, champagne-popping difference to the world!


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