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Organic Garam Masala 80g

Organic Garam masala:  one of my favourite spices, especially for curries. Use it to spice up your recipes, working for both sweet and savoury applications.


Sustainability Summary

Honest to Goodness strive for sustainability in their business by:

  • Actively supporting organic and biodynamic farming.
  • Product range is carefully prepared with the health of the environment and customers in mind.
  • Supplying locally grown, harvested and packaged products where possible.
  • Actively sourceing a range of fairly produced products from suppliers and growers who provide fair working conditions.
  • conscious to reuse, recycle and reduce in day to day operations.
  • Make it easy for customers to buy in bulk to minimise packaging, waste and transport required.
  • Electricity is provided by a 100% renewable energy company, Powershop.



Our mission at Honest to Goodness is to be a sustainable business and to continually minimise our environmental impact through ethical and responsible business operations and activities.

Our values are at the heart of what we do and reflect what is important to us, how we do business and fulfil our vision.


Our values:

  • Real food and healthy living
  • To contribute, not exploit
  • Listen, act and thrive
  • Innovation & education
  • Honest and genuine relationships
  • Social and environmental responcibility
  • Sustainable growth
  • Team member happiness and excellence.

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