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Soulbottles Water Bottle - Flower of Life 1L | Any Green Thing

Soulbottles Water Bottle – Flower of Life 1L

Soulbottles water bottles are completely plastic free.

With it’s beautiful Flower of Life design and handy 1L size, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

Carbon neutral and vegan, this high-quality bottle is leak-proof, easy to carry, and endlessly reusable.

Features a ceramic swing top lid and natural rubber seal.



Sustainability Summary

Glass: Made from abundant natural materials, such as sand and cullet (glass waste). Can be recycled over and over without losing integrity. Inert, will not leach toxins into food products or the environment.

Soulbottles are designed so they can be disassembled and replacement parts can be purchased to prolong the life of your bottle. 

At the end of it’s life:  The glass bottle can be recycled with your curbside recycling. Please check with your local council to find out whether they accept broken glass. 

The swing top lid is assembled from ceramic, rubber and stainless steel. While all technically recyclable, it may be difficult to find a centre locally. Please check with your local council to find out whether they accept any of these materials for recycling.  

Remember: If your council doesn’t collect it, that doesn’t mean something can’t be recycled. Check out Terracycle, Planet Ark and your local recycling page on Facebook for more options.


The Whole Story. Biome is different because we delve into the whole story of a product, the people behind it, and its impacts, so that you can make a choice to match your values. Not only are we free from toxins, but we go further to consider aspects like human rights, waste, and supporting local.

Force for Good. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation, the first retailer in Australia to achieve this. This means we hold both ourselves and suppliers to high standards, and together with you we are part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good.


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