Reusable Bread Bags – Your Next Step On The Path To Plastic Free Living 

Aussie Bread Bags Review

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re most likely aware, the world is suffering from a serious case of plastic hangover. Every piece of not-so-fantastic plastic ever made is still in existence somewhere.

While many of us are busy looking for ways to live with less plastic in our lives, when it comes to food and the way it’s packaged – it feels like we still have a long way to go.  

While you may have made the switch from the big four single use plastics already (shopping bags, straws, coffee cups and drink bottles), the next thing you may wish to consider is a reusable bread bag. 

“Why reusable bread bags?” I hear you ask.


              …with the humble loaf of bread being a staple in many Australian households – bread packaging produces a lot of waste. 

In fact, according to the Aussie Bread Bags website, we are discarding over 1 million plastic bread bags into landfill each and every day. 

Just like other plastic bags, they are leaching harmful chemicals into the ground or ending up in our waterways; harming wildlife and becoming part of the food chain.

Fortunately, Aussie Bread Bags have come up with a solution. An easy, affordable, reusable bread bag for those who like to enjoy their bread – without the plastic. 

Fabric / Cloth Bread Bags – By Aussie Bread Bags


Aussie Bread Bags is the creation of Holly. An environmentally conscious Mum of three boys, based on the New South Wales central coast. 

A fan of fresh bread, she would line up for a loaf at the local bakery each morning (with her own reusable bread bag). While there, she observed the majority of other bakery patrons purchasing bread, making use of the provided single use plastic bags.

She thought, 

“We’re moving away from single use plastic in so many areas, why can’t we do it for our freshly baked breads??”

And so Aussie Bread Bags was created – with a mission to share a message: Let’s replace single use plastic bread bags with reusable bread bags and replace 1 million plastic bread bags by July 2024. 

What an excellent idea!

I got in touch Holly and she was kind enough to send me a bread bag to try out. 

It’s an ‘incredibly good looking’ bag, made from calico (a fully compostable material made from cotton) with a cotton drawstring. 

The bags are sourced locally, then altered by Holly and a local seamstress, before being printed and hand packaged ready for their new owners. 

Aussie Bread Bag features:

  • BPA free
  • Food safe
  • Compliant with Australian Baking Industry Standards
  • Freezer proof
  • Breathable fabric – no more mould
  • Completely handmade locally
  • 100% plastic free
  • Biodegradable – can be composted at the end of it’s life

Who Needs A Reusable Bread Bag

Aussie Bread Bags are perfect for people who:


  • Regularly buy fresh bread
  • want to store their fresh bought or homemade bread and rolls plastic free,
  • want a reusable bread bag that is also freezer friendly,
  • want a reusable bread bag that is simple to use and keep clean,
  • are looking for an attractive and affordable housewarming or ‘Secret Santa’ gift.

The Bread Bag At The Bakery

My feedback – I think these are great little bags.

They are functional, look good on the bakery counter and in my kitchen. They make also make an affordable, plastic free alternative to some of the other popular reusable bread bags currently available.

Onya Recycled Plastic Reusable Bread Bag


4MyEarth Reusable Cloth Bread Bag


The Swag Bread Swag 


Although the website states that the bags are designed to hold a range of breads from “standard loaf sizes to sourdoughs to viennas to high loaves” I do wish the bags were just a tiny bit longer*. However, this is only a short lived issue that resolves after making your first sandwich.

(*EDIT: Since publishing this review Aussie Bread Bags have released a product line of Larger Aussie Bread Bags)  

Something I loved on my first trip to the bakery – that my Aussie Bread Bag had “Bread Bag” printed on it. My local bakery clearly doesn’t have too many people who bring their own bags. When I placed the bag on the counter and picked out my loaf the lady serving me looked at bit confused for a second. Then noticing the label on the bag she picked it up asking, “would you like me to put your bread in here?” It might not seem like a big deal, but for people who don’t like to cause a fuss in a busy line, this is brilliant.  

Final Thoughts

When switching to reusable bread bags, I feel you would need own at least two bags; one for the bread you’re using and one for the freezer.

The Aussie Bread Bags website recommends three bags; one for your bread, one for the freezer and one in the wash.

 All in all I think Aussie Bread Bags are an excellent, affordable, simple way to decrease the prevelance of single use plastic bread bags. I hope to see them popping up in bakeries everywhere. 

Aussie Bread Bags are on a mission to replace 1 million Aussie Bread Bags by July 2024.

Join the mission by purchasing your very own Aussie Bread Bag here.  


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