Rise of the ‘Eco-worrier’ | Episode 1:
Woman Vs Spider

I know creepy crawlies all have their purpose, but my new mission to be ‘greener’ has not helped me to be at peace with one creepy crawly in particular. My old nemesis, the spider.

Now, there are lots of insect-y things that I’m not a fan of, but we recently spent two years living at Millstream-Chichester National Park. Academics (bug people?) from Universities in the city travel to this remote area, to study and catagorise the vast array of insects, spiders and scorpions found within the park. So, I got pretty used to sharing my personal space with six-legged critters. Just not the eight-legged ones..

Moth from Millstream-Chichester National Park

.I don’t why. Maybe it’s just all those legs? Or the eyes? Or the fangs? But , anyway…

I was in the backyard with the boys, and figured I’d water the banana tree while I was out there. As I headed around the back of the house to grab the hose, I felt it…

…the enormous, strong, sticky web of a Golden Orb Spider against my shoulder. (Now I know Golden Orbs are not poisonous and they are useful for catching pests in the garden, but they are very large and scary looking).

The Golden Orb spider hanging outside my kitchen window.

I saw the hideous creature just above head level from the corner of my eye and was completely taken over by the fight or flight response.

I mean, my body was out of there before my brain could consciously work out what was going on.

The next thing I know I’m falling. I trip over kids toys on a daily basis, but I can usually right myself without actually falling over. But in this instance, I was going down. HARD!

I fell half in the garden, and half on the concrete path. I checked myself over for broken bones and that my hair was spider free, while my three year old noted, “oh no. Mummy fall over,” and then went back to his game. A little bruised, scraped and shaken, I headed back inside the house.

Leg bruise: Spider 1 – Jo nil

My husband returned home from work a short time later and I relayed my ordeal, hoping for some sympathy. He responded with, “good, you need a bit of excitement.” Hmmmm……

Since then hubby has relocated three of the four Golden Orb spiders that had taken up residence around the house. So I’m on a mission to figure out how to stop them returning. A quick bit of Googling and it seems that spiders do not like essential oils (tea tree, citrus and eucalyptus came up a lot). So I’ve made up a quick mix of water, vinegar and eucalyptus oil and will be going on a spraying spree.

I’ll repeat the spraying once a week and let you know if it’s successful.

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