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Modern Cloth Nappies; How to Get Started On A Budget

Around four months ago, I started using modern cloth nappies. I had been interested in cloth nappies for a long time but every time I started researching what to buy I’d decide they were either too expensive, or I’d just get confused about how to use them and what I actually need to buy. That was until I stumbled upon one particular brand of Australian made modern cloth nappies.

Now I get all sorts of questions when I’m out and about (the weather is warm here most of the year so I don’t often bother with shorts/pants for my little one). What kind of nappies is your baby wearing? Where do I buy them? How do I use them? How much do they cost? Unfortunately, all too often, the conversation stops abruptly when I mention the price…

…so in the interest of saving even a few more disposable nappies from going into land fill, and saving you dollars in the long run, here are some resources:

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  • How to get started with modern cloth nappies on a budget
  • Modern cloth nappy review: Why Baby Beehinds Magicalls AIO (All-In-One) are my favourites
  • How to use modern cloth nappies: Baby Beehinds Magicalls AIO Video Tutorial

How To Get Started With Modern Cloth Nappies On A Budget

I put off buying cloth nappies for a long time. I had it in my head that the best way to buy them was in a bulk value pack. I just had to wait until I had a few hundred dollars spare to get started.

Ha! That never happened.

This turned out to be for the best, as more than likely, I would have ended up with a whole stash of identical nappies that I didn’t even like!

Then one fateful day I happened across Baby Beehinds New Magicalls All-In-One Modern Cloth Nappies. The claim:

“So easy to use they are a great place to start for parents new to cloth nappies, carers, grandparents or MCN pros!”

Australian Modern Cloth Nappies review

Magic-Alls Aio (All-In-One) Velcro – Chomp Chomp | BABY BEEHINDS

I thought, “these could be the nappy for me.” I had a discount to apply, so ordered one velcro style and one minky snap style.

When they arrived I thought, “I’m never going to use the velcro one,” but this style had turned out to be my favourite.

This is my first budget buying tip. Only buy one, two or maybe three nappies at a time. This way you can spread the cost of creating a nappy stash over several months AND you also make sure you are buying nappies that you love and will use over and over and over again.

Tip number two: you also want to buy good quality nappies. Most reputable brands make nappies that will last two children, but this depends on treatment; the size of your, stash, frequency of washing, etc.

Tip number three: The nappies I’m reviewing today retail at AUD $29. This seems like a huge amount of money, especially if, like me you started out comparing this to a 20c disposable nappy. Take advantage of deals/discounts where you can or hold out for sales. Some suggestions:

  • When you order online, wait until you have other things you need to order from the same retailer to save on shipping (The Clean Collective offer free shipping to Australian addresses for purchases over AUD $99).
  • Use the 15% discount code you receive when you subscribe to any green thing! (form at the end of this post)


For more information about the costs of modern cloth nappies visit the Baby Beehinds Blog: Cloth Vs Disposables. They have crunched all the numbers, comparing dollar value, energy use, water wastage, domestic waste and use of raw materials.

Modern Cloth Nappy Review: Why Baby Beehinds Magicalls AIO (All-In-One) Are My Favourites

I know, everyone who uses modern cloth nappies has their own favourite, but here are the reasons I love the Baby Beehinds New Magicalls All-In-One Modern Cloth Nappies.

  1. This is a complete, ready to use nappy. You don’t have to worry about choosing separate covers, inserts or boosters.
  2.  This particular nappy design has won the Cloth Nappy Awards: Best All-In-One for both 2016 and 2017.
  3. The velcro tab option gives a great fit and makes these nappies just as simple to fasten as a disposable.
  4. A booster is included, so you can customise absorbency where you need it.
  5. They are a sized nappy, so not as bulky as a one-size option (Note: I bought a large, 10-16kg, size for my baby when he was 6 months/8kg, and have had no issues with the fit).
  6. The more you wash them, the more absorbent they seem to get. After around 10 washes I have found that I can leave them on just as long as a disposable.
  7. There is an adorable range of patterns and colours to choose from.

I have only found one downside to the All-In-One style nappy. They do take longer to dry compared with other styles of cloth nappies, so that is something to take into consideration.

If you are still wondering if cloth nappies are for you and your baby, I’d like to suggest some further reading about potential exposure to chemicals from disposable nappies at The Clean Collective Blog: Why Go Natural & Eco?

How To Use Modern Cloth Nappies: Baby Beehinds Magicalls AIO Video Tutorial

So if you’ve read this far, you might be thinking, “these nappies sound great, but I’m still just not sure how to use them.” No worries; I’ve made a how to video for you.

Don’t forget to subscribe to any green thing to receive your 15% off discount code, and then head across to The Clean Collective to check these nappies out for yourself.

3.75 MILLION disposable nappies are dumped into our ground every single day, throughout Australia and New Zealand alone. Imagine worldwide!

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