A Zero Waste Starter Kit For Everybody


I’m going to help you find your perfect Zero Waste Starter Kit, but first, let’s explore what it means to be zero waste. 

The zero waste movement includes some extraordinary individuals who are committed to a lifestyle that generates as little waste as possible. ‘Zero Wasters’ are extremely conscious and ethical consumers. They buy less and buy ethical. Reuse and recycle. They compost and grow their own produce. Going zero waste basically means doing everything possible to avoid waste going to landfill. 

While even the most hard core members of this movement admit going 100% zero waste is an impossible goal, the idea is certainly worth exploring. If everybody went zero waste, even in just one little area of their lives, imagine the collective waste reduction that could be achieved.

It might sound like a lot of effort, but seriously, we could all reduce our personal waste footprint in some way.

I know what you’re thinking,



As promised, here is my carefully curated list of –


Zero Waste Starter Kits

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Essentials Kits

What more could you want?: This zero waste starter kit has everything you need to start your zero waste/plastic free life. The kit includes one 5 pack of Onya bags, one stainless steel straw and straw cleaner, a beeswax HoneyBee food wrap in medium size, 50g of soapberries (enough for 20 loads), one bamboo toothbrush, organic cotton string shopping bag, and a small glass KeepCup.

Get started saying see ya to plastic: everything you need in one kit to start you green journey; the perfect shopping bag, a set of silicone stretch lids, a reusable straw, a plant fibre dish scrubber and 5 reusable mesh produce bags.

Out & About

Avoid plastic while out about: This bundle includes, Snacker lunch box, Drink bottle, Travel Utensil Set with fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks napkin and straw  and 2 Leak-proof pots for dips and yoghurt. Everything you need to dodge single use plastic on the go.

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A kit for the Eco-stud: This pack contains the cool A6 water bottle from memobottle, a glass coffee cup from KeepCup, and a reusable cutlery set from DOIY. Stylin’.


Wage war on waste: Plastic bags, coffee cups, water bottles and straws are the most common single use items going to landfill. Say goodbye to them forever with this gorgeous pack. It contains a reusable water bottle from S’Well, a glass coffee cup from KeepCup, a net grocery bag from Ever Eco and a stainless steel straw from ReChusable.


Kitchen Kits

Create a waste free kitchen: Replace your kitchen essentials with these eco-friendly options. This bundle contains reusable beeswax (or vegan) wraps, coconut fibre scrub pad, vege brush, dish brush and bottle brush. Love the planet and have a trendsetting kitchen!


Say goodbye to plastic wrap: The API Kitchen Basics Pack includes three wraps in colourful patterns. The large wrap (30cm x 35cm) is perfect for sandwiches, salad bowls and keeping herbs in the fridge. The Medium (20cm x 25cm) takes care of smaller soup bowls, left overs, small cheeses and medium sized veggies like pumpkin wedges. Small Apiwraps (20cm x 15cm) are great for wrapping odds and ends of cheese, veggies and fruit for the fridge or the lunch box.


Need more wraps?: Style your refridgerator. This API wrap Set includes four wraps in matching patterns. XLarge (40cm x 45cm) – great for keeping celery and bread, bundling herbs and greens and covering platters. Large (30cm x 35cm) – the perfect size to cover a salad bowl, wrap a sandwich or mountain bread wrap, this is the size you need for a big block of cheddar. Medium (20cm x 25cm) – for cheese and butter in smaller blocks, great for cut veggies like pumpkin wedges. Small (15cm x 20cm) – useful for all sorts of things, covering ferments (it breathes!), tops of bottles and jars (it makes a waterproof/spill proof seal!), cut ends of veggies and wrapping nuts and other snacks for lunch boxes.


Bathroom Kits

Style your bathroom: Replace your bathroom essentials with these eco-friendly options. This kit contains plastic-free cotton buds, bamboo toothbrush, plastic-free and fair trade nail brush, a pure sponge, and a coconut fibre foot and body scrub.


The ultimate set for DIY skincare: Creating your own skincare products is simple and economical. This set of containers will allow you to make your own version of a variety of self care products, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. (Find popular recipes here.)


 Achieve soft, glowing skin from head to toe: This is ultimate dry body face and body brushing bundle. The pack includes a Tampico Long Handled Body Brush (Forest Stewardship Council Certified), a Jute Dry Face Brush, a Wide Paddle Hair Brush, Tea Tree Spray (Australian Grown) to care for your brushes, moisturising Jojoba Oil (Australian Grown without any pesticides), a Pumice Block in Flax pouch, an Organic Egyptian Loofah AND Instructional DVD on Dry Body Brushing as well as a how-to brochure. Amazing!


Laundry Kits

Detox your laundry: Chemical and plastic free. This kit includes soapberries (nature’s laundry detergent), dryer balls, laundry tonic and bamboo pegs.


Like to know exactly what’s in your household cleaning products?: This zero waste starter kit is for you. It contains an assortment of reusable plastic and glass bottles perfect for your DIY home cleaning products. Also included is a coconut fibre scrubbing brush, soap berries, biodegradable plant fibre dish cloth, and organic cotton laundry bag.


Out & About Kits

Shopping and take away?: This zero waste starter kit has you covered. It includes a stainless steel straw with carry pouch, round containers for snacks and takeaways, a 4 pack of organic cotton produce bags and an unbleached cotton net shopping bag. Perfect to keep in your handbag, under the pram or in your car.


For the Earth conscious traveler: Those kits with little travel sized products are way over priced (and plastic!) Try out these glass and metal alternatives to plastic travel containers. This set contains: 100ml clear glass oval bottle with aluminium screw cap, 30ml small clear glass bottle with aluminium screw cap, 30ml small clear glass bottle with aluminium screw cap,100ml clear glass jar with aluminium screw lid, 130ml seamless travel tin, 15ml clear glass jar with aluminium screw lid, 100ml ml round aluminium travel storage tin, 15ml aluminium tin with screw lid plus an organic cotton laundry multi-use bag for packing your underwear, holding your washing, buying bakery items, snacks, or carrying lunch while travelling. All set!


Like to buy in bulk?: You need this bulk food starter kit. Lightweight and portable, this compact starter kit has bulk bags designed to easily transport bulk food purchases home. Fitted with a handy window for identifying foods and writing product names/codes while at the store. Tare weight is printed on the bag for easy weighing. The kit includes three bulk bags, one tote bag and a carry case.


Composting Kits

Compost ALL your kitchen waste: even dairy and fish – right in your kitchen, with no smell or trip to the compost heap. Using an organic fermentation process, the Bokashi Bin recycles all your domestic kitchen waste into valuable soil conditioner. The Biome Bokashi kit contains a recycling bucket with airtight lid, 2 litre bokashi (enough to last the average household 3 to 4 weeks) and instructions. How awesome is that?


Got bulk organic waste?: Why not add a worm habitat to your school, business or restaurant? The Worm Habitat 240L wheelie bin kit is a perfect compost solution for any location with large amounts of organic waste to compost. This high quality, Aussie made design comes complete with full instructions, bedding block and 1000 worms.

Even Fluffy can go green!: EnsoPet is an innovative system designed to easily and hygienically compost all pet waste including dog, cat, guinea pig and rabbit. To use EnsoPet simply collect your pet’s waste, add it to the composter and then lightly sprinkle EnsoPet starter grains to begin the process. The kit includes 1 x EnsoPet compost system, 1 x 1kg bag EnsoPet starter grains, 1 x pair of collection tongs and full instructions plus tips.


I really hope you found something to get you started reducing waste. If not, DON’T GIVE UP YET! You can still “be the change.” Browse the Eco-friendly Mall for more zero waste swaps and  solutions here.

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